Tuesday, October 9, 2012

is solar power renewable

   People may wonder if this solar power really is a renewable. Well yes solar power is a renewable energy source. Solar power is a great source if your are looking for a renewable energy resource. If you look at fossil fuels you can understand that they're not renewable because they take some many years to develop. Were the sun on the other hand the sun is shinning in the sky on some point on the earth and if it stops all together then we will have a lot of problems way bigger then using fossil fuels or alternatives. As you create energy from the sun you are using the most reliable energy source in the history of humanity.

Wondering is solar power renewable well compare to all of the other sources of energy out there you can say that not only is it the best renewable but it is also in my opinion has the best shot in taking over the worlds energy responsibilities. One of the requirements for the next energy power is that it should be a renewable. So there you have when you are wondering is solar power renewable yes it is and it can be the next big energy power.


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